St Francis Property Owners Non Profit Company


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The St Francis Property Owners Non Profit Company (NPC) has been created by a group of concerned property owners following the Annual General Meeting of the St Francis Residents association held in December 2015. The newly elected committee presented the “Saving St Francis” initiative to the gathered residents and property owners where three options were put forward.

  • Make things happen
  • Watch what happens
  • Wonder what happened

At the time the Kouga municipality under which St Francis falls, was under control of an ANC led council. When the DA took control of the municipality in the August 2016 elections, many may have expected a sudden change in delivery of services. Certainly there will significant improvements but the new council is firstly bound by the budget that was adopted in July 2016 before the elections and this budget commits expenditure for 12 months going forward, as well as having to ensure service delivery throughout the region on an extremely limited budget. The truth is that there simply are not funds available to carry out the repair work that is necessary to improve the infrastructure of St Francis.




The status quo is similar in many towns, villages and even city suburbs where services and infrastructure are failing because of funding. There are many examples where the residents have taken it on themselves to take action. The St Francis Property Owners NPC has been formed precisely with this in mind and not wait, watch or wonder but rather make things happen!

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